"How To Get Girls" was released on August 13th, and is now available on all on major (iTunes, Amazon, Hulu) VOD/Digital platforms! It's got a great cast full of comedy stars, and a lot of laughs. I play a super progressive manager of a strip club that has a daycare center in it for the stripper's kids, because I care about family.  So, grab your loved ones, make some popcorn and give it a gander.

"How To Get Girls"

Omri Dorani and Zach Fox's film, "How To Get Girls", (that was so much fun to to be a part of), has won Best Feature...and was nominated for Best Ensemble Cast as well, at the 2017 Portland Comedy Festival!!  Awesome D.P., Yash Khanna, also won Best Cinematography!  Pretty rad initial response.  The cast is amazing (David Koechner, Chris Kattan, Kate Flannery, & Chris Elliot)....not too shabby.  Super excited for this one to come out.