Soooo, this is the part of the website where I'm supposed to list all my accomplishments and brag about them to make you think I'm a big deal.  

Let's give it a shot:  

1.)  Well, firstly, I was successfully birthed and didn't kill my mom during labor (looking at you Tyrion Lannister)....so, right outta the gate I was crushing it at life.  

2.)  I survived an accident prone childhood, which included 8 trips to the emergency room, with only minimal scarring.

3.)  For Valentines day my junior year in high school, I successfully snuck flowers and a card into Megan Decker's locker, with the help of the custodian.  Whether she found that creepy or romantic is irrelevant.

4.)  I've navigated a Trader Joe's parking lot in three different states...without getting into any arguments or fist-fights.

5.)  I can load a dishwasher like a boss.

6.)  I've never left a Yelp review for anything, ever.


Here's some other stuff too:

I'm a stand up comic/actor, whose performing roots are in comedy.  I grew up in Maryland, where I started doing sketch comedy at Towson University for the college TV station, while getting my start performing stand-up in Baltimore.  I then moved to NYC to train theatrically at The Michael Howard Studios, and continue doing sketch comedy and stand-up.  I was a writer & host for Vh1's "Best Night Ever", and was voted into the semi-finals for the 2007 New York Comedy Festival's "Funniest Comedian in the City".  I'm now part of the congestion on the highways of Los Angeles.  My most recent work can be seen in the feature films, "Funny Man", "How To Get Girls", and "Flock of Dudes".